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Built Around Your Needs
We created The Logistics and Supply Chain Forum's conference program after extensive research and feedback from our delegates - senior logistics and supply chain executives who, like you, are dealing with critical issues on a daily basis.

The conference is designed to help you become a more effective executive by opening doors to new perspectives and points of view allowing you - and your company - to move forward. 


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If you would like to participate in the program or recommend any speakers or topics please email Chyai Mulberg or call her at 212-651-8736.
2014 Keynote Address
2014 Keynote Address
  • The Second Machine Age: What it means for your business and your future

    Erik Brynjolfsson, Director, MIT Center for Digital Business

    We are at inflection point in our economy.  A wave of exponential, digital and combinatorial new technologies is accelerating innovation, automating many jobs, and fundamentally changing business.  This creates enormous a multi-trillion dollar opportunity for wealth creation, but the benefits will be very uneven, with many people and businesses worse off than they were before. In this talk, I will explain the causes and consequences of these changes, including
    •  The recent trends in productivity, profits, investment, GDP and employment;
    •  The “Great Decoupling” and what it means for business and labor;
    •  The weird and wonderful economic benefits of the digital age;
    •  The three types of biased technical change and who wins and loses from each;
    •  A look to the future and the three elements of machine intelligence;
    •  The emerging power of data-driven decision-making;
    •  The fundamentals creating an inflection point in technology; and
    •  Implications for individuals, business and society.

    Erik Brynjolfsson is the Director of the MIT Center for Digital Business, a Professor at the MIT Sloan School, and a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. His research on the interaction among information technologies, strategy, productivity and employment has been recognized with 10 Best Paper prizes and five patents.

    Prof. Brynjolfsson is a director or advisor for several technology-intensive firms and lectures worldwide on technology and strategy. His books include Race Against the Machine: How the Digital Revolution is Accelerating Innovation, Driving Productivity and Irreversibly Transforming Employment and the Economy, co-authored with Andrew McAfee. He received AB and SM degrees from Harvard and a PhD from MIT. You can download his papers: or follow him on Twitter: @erikbryn.


Confirmed Speakers
Confirmed Speakers
  • 2014 Conference Program

    *The 2014 Logistics & Supply Chain Forum speakers include:

    Warren Bishop, VP, Macy's Logistics and Operations
    Karon Evanoff,
    VP, Global Supply Chain, HID Global Corporation
    Henrik Larsson, VP, Global Logistics, Getinge Infection Control AB

    Sondra McCulley, VP, Operations, American Wholesale Book Company
    Greg McKinley
    , VP, Global Warehousing & Logistics, InComm
    Scott McKinnon
    , Chief Procurement Officer, Valerus

    Joel Sutherland
    , Managing Director, Supply Chain Mgmt., Univ of San Diego
    Peter Vanderminden
    , EPG Industry Mgr, Manufacturing & Supply Chain, Microsoft
    Tom Ward
    , Former VP, Operations, Rubbermaid & Lecturer, Tennessee Wesleyan

    *Confirmed speakers as of April 2, 2014


Seminars & Workshops
Seminars & Workshops
  • Delivering the Goods in a…once again…Transformed Retail Landscape

    Warren Bishop, Vice President, Macy's Logistics and Operations

    We are in the midst of another seismic shift in the retail landscape.  Modern retail has transformed many times over its 100 year history … from ‘mom and pops’ to mail order…to department stores…to shopping centers and malls…to Big Boxes and Special...


    Managing Change to Support Business Growth and Projections: A Case Study

    Karon Evanoff, Vice President, Global Supply Chain, HID Global Corporation

    Join Karon Evanoff as she discusses the challenges HID faced as they rapidly grew  - and continues to face via a series of acquisitions.  Brought on to help transform HID's global supply chain, she quickly learned that in order to put the correct  structures and processes in pla...


  • Implementing a Comprehensive, Global Strategy: A Case Study

    Henrik Larsson, Vice President, Global Logistics, Getinge Infection Control AB

    In this interactive session, we’ll start by examining the research surrounding the successful implementation of strategy. We’ll then follow Henrik as he describes how he implemented the theory and successfully led the transformation of Getinge Infection Control’s localized su...


    3rd Party Distribution Centers: Think Outside the Border

    Greg McKinley, Vice President, Global Warehousing and Logistics, InComm

    The International market place is well within your reach without spending tens of thousands of dollars on setup cost, hiring country nationals, and signing expensive warehouse leases for distribution and warehousing of your products.  The alternative is to partner with global 3PL distribu...


  • Preparing for Success: Managing Rapid, Organic Growth

    Scott McKinnon, Chief Procurement Officer, Valerus

    Join Scott McKinnon through Valerus’ journey of their rapid global - and organic- growth.  He’ll share with you the lessons learned along the way of doubling revenues in three years  - and considerations as Valerus projects even more (and more rapid) growth. Scott will id...


    Collaborating to Optimize Supply Chain Performance

    Joel Sutherland, Managing Director Supply Chain Management Institute University of San Diego

    While the concept of supply chain collaboration has been around for a while, many organizations have had difficulty realizing the benefits that have been promised. Given tight carrier capacity, high fuel costs, port congestion, driver shortages, security issues, etc., more trading partners are...


  • Architecting Next-Gen Connected Logistics & Supply Chain Systems

    Peter Vanderminden, Industry Manager, Supply Chain at Microsoft

    Macro trends in technology are impacting and dramatically changing the “art of the possible” relative to logistics and supply chain management practices. Enterprise informatics needs to move beyond  point solutions and integrate to the broader enterprise fabric to enable end t...


    Learning (and Living) By Design

    Tom Ward, Former Vice President, Operations Rubbermaid Commercial Products and Lecturer

    Success breeds success.  Individual success and organizational success are not that different and, in fact,  are built from the same foundation.  Success is created through choices that focus and align on creating desired outcomes.  For organizations to be successful, leade...


Discussion Groups
Discussion Groups
  • Transformational Leadership: A Discussion Group

    Facilitator: Sondra McCulley, Vice President, Operations, American Wholesale Book Co.

    The concept of Transformational leadership -  leading with passion and conviction and developing leadership capabilities in others - was initially introduced by Dr. James MacGregor Burns. His research focused on how leaders approach power and the differences in outcome from transformation...


    Leading the Future: A Discussion Group

    Facilitator: TBD

    This peer-to-peer think tank will focus on the strategies and tactics necessary to address the next evolution of supply chain management. We’ll discuss how and why we must continue to add value to both internal and external customers and detail ways to manage a changing, multi-generation...


Past Speakers
Past Speakers
  • Past Speakers

    Past Speakers have included:
    Alcon Laboratories, Inc., VP, Global Supply Chain
    All American Poly, VP, Logistics/Production Planning
    Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Director, Americas Transportation and Logistics Planning
    BuildDirect Technologies, Inc., Chief Operating Officer
    Dow Chemical Company, Global Leader - RFID, GPS and Auto ID

    Dr Pepper Snapple Group, SVP
    Halliburton Company, VP, Global Logistics
    Invacare Corporation, VP, NA Logistics
    Lawson Products Inc., VP, Supply Management
    Office Depot, Inc., VP, Supply Chain

    P.F. CHANG'S CHINA BISTRO, Inc., Chief Procurement Officer
    Papa John’s International, Inc., Director, Global Supply Chain Management
    Pro-Build Holdings, Inc., EVP, Supply Chain & Technology
    Quality Supply Chain Co-Op - Wendy's, SVP Distribution, Logistics and Program Mgmt.
    Reddy Ice Holdings, Inc., VP, Supply Chain

    Regis Corporation, VP, Logistics
    Seagate Technology, Inc., VP, Supply Chain Operations & Development
    Snyder's-Lance Inc., VP, Manufacturing and Corporate Engineering
    TASER International, VP, Supply Chain Management
    Welch Foods, Inc., Director Customer Logistics

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