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Our conference program is refreshingly different to what you're used to seeing at regular tradeshows and conferences. Why?
  • Built Around Your Needs: We create the conference program based on research and feedback from our senior logistics & supply chain professionals, who like you are dealing with critical issues on a daily basis
  • First class speakers: Conference sessions are led by peers or industry experts, who have a clear understanding of the business obstacles inherent in controlling large logistics and supply chain departments and how they can be managed and resolved.
  • Intimate sessions: Sessions are for small groups of under 25 executives and are for senior logistics & supply chain professionals only. This environment encourages attendees to be able to share best practices, successful case studies, and receive opinions and suggestions from their colleagues.

Take part in the program

If you would like to participate in the program or recommend any speakers or topics please email Bob Houston or call him at 212-651-8766.
2017 Keynote
2017 Keynote
  • Draw Me the Money: Sell, Lead and Innovate with Pictures

    Dan Roam, Author, "The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures"

    For more than 25 years, bestselling author Dan Roam ("The Back of the Napkin," "Blah Blah Blah," and "Show and Tell") has lead the visual-business revolution, traveling to five continents to share with business leaders the incredible problem-solving power of pictures. From Microsoft and Google to Wells Fargo and JP Morgan, from the US Navy to the US Senate and to the White House, Dan's breakthrough understanding of how to use vision to succeed in business has captivated leading thinkers in technology, finance, science, politics, and education.

    In this fast-paced interactive presentation, Dan will share the Top-10 Visual Rules he has learned and show you exactly how to seize the power of pictures in your work:
      1. When in doubt, draw it out.
      2. Whoever draws the best picture wins.
      3. Lead with the eye and the mind will follow.
      4. First, draw a circle.
      5. To lead, draw your destination.

    These simple but insightful revelations will have you rethinking how you approach financial and technology challenges, communications, and problem-solving.

    During this session, you will:
    • See how vision drives all other modes of thought.
    • Learn how to hot-wire the visual process for faster problem-solving.
    • Understand how to use the neuromechanics of vision to explain any concept, no matter how complex.
    • Recognize the incredible power of your own visual mind -- even if you can't draw.

2017 Seminars & Workshops
2017 Seminars & Workshops
  • The forgotten ART of Demand Planning and Forecasting

    Genevieve Caplette, Supply Chain, Michelin North America Truck

    Do high inventory levels keeping you up at night? Are you concerned about product replenishment being constrained by supply? Have you had to deal with low service levels and store stock outs?

    The first step you need to take in order to address the above gaps in your supp...

    Session Title TBA

    Tamara Lantz, Global Supply Chain, Business Processes at Eli Lilly and Company

    Session description TBA

  • Supply Chain Collaborative Process

    Steve Bostwick, Director of Supply Chain, Ping

    Description: How to achieve supply chain success for both you and your suppliers.

    How to construct, utilize and benefit from Cost Modeling.

    Chris Sower, Vice President, Supply Chain Operations, Americas & W. Africa at Nalco Champion

    Information is power in supply chain operations, strategic sourcing and negotiations. This power here doesn’t relate to coercive power, but rather fact-based power to ensure that negotiated contractual agreements are competitive at the point of execution and throughout the contractual term...

  • Social-shaping's Influence on supply chain strategy, technology and culture in medium-size enterprises

    Stephen Kalyta, Head of National Mobile Supply Chain, Wind Mobile


    1. Social paradigms are changing the impact and influence of the customer on supply chains.
    2. To remain competitive, medium size enterprises require an Omni channel perspective that balances the individualized customization of customer experience...

2017 Confirmed Speakers
2017 Confirmed Speakers
  • We are pleased to announce our 2017 speakers.

    2017 Speakers confirmed to date:

    Genevieve Caplette, Supply Chain, Michelin North America Truck

    Tamara Lantz, Global Supply Chain, Business Processes at Eli Lilly and Company

    Steve Bostwick, Director of Supply Chain, Ping

    Chris Sower, Vice President, Supply Chain Operations, Americas & W. Africa at Nalco Champion


  • 2017 Speakers

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    Please email if you are interested in speaking or participating in a conference development research call.


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